Dec. 27th, 2011

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[Around the village today you might see a Natalia with a focused look on her face, leaving nothing unlooked at. She seems to have something on her mind.]

[The feed opens up to a girl sitting on a bench in the square, looking serious, but hardly as dangerous looking as she did in her first broadcast. No roaring or threats here. She looks concerned, as her brow furrows ]

Hello again, people of Luceti. I've..been made aware of the situation such as the 'draft' and the efforts taken when one is involved, and you have my condolences. I am too familiar with the price of war--[ her eyes tighten, and for a few minutes she seems completely closed off] --and as of now, have come to a decision.

[ she looks up firmly ]

Because I am familiar with it, and because it is my duty--no, because I want to, I'd like to involve myself in whatever way I could benefit you all. I'm familiar with the Clinic, and am a studied healer, with or without my fonic artes. I am more than ready to join the healers there. Please, let me know what I can do to help there.

I am also a master of Lanvaldear style archery, and if I could find a decent bow and set of arrows, I can aid in battle or help teach those who need a way to defend themselves in that regard.

Anything I can do, I am willing to do. So please--direct me towards ways that I can do that. Whatever is needed--I will do my best. [she then smiles, her face softening. ]

While this is hardly my kingdom, a Princess serves wherever there are people in need. My occupation has not, and will never change in that aspect. ..Also. [ her smile turns sheepish, and for a minute she is a girlish, nineteen year old teenager. ] My name is Natalia. Just..Natalia. I'm glad to meet you.

FILTERED TO ABYSS CAST | Save Van s-sorry Loupe
In regards to Van.
I have no interest in engaging him in battle--he has taken much from all of us, and I always will choose peace over war. I don't say we trust him--but my opinion is that we agree, and watch him. If he steps out of line--[ her eyes harden, and her smile turns cold]

On my part, I shall show him no mercy.

On a lighter note--I hardly think you need to be reminded, but just in case, Nephry has taken great lengths to prepare a lovely time for us on 'New Year's'. Because she's taken so much effort in this, it would be rude for none of us to attend, am I correct?

However-...I know some of you were on the draft, and I understand if you can't--instead I'll ask you to please tell me how you're doing, instead. Particularly Luke, and Asch. I hope you two aren't being reckless and resting..I will find out. [ an eye narrow ]
It'd be hear from all of you again. I haven't seen all of you but I hope you are well and that I will see you then.



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