meritocracy: (♔i won't be made useless)

listen up, little one, we're already ahead of the game
hurry now, make me proud i'm still finding the strength
to say say goodbye, there's no time,
make it worth every minute and never forget everyday
hey little girl you're on top of the world
you're all that i wanted to know so never
look back you're much stronger than that
and nobody knows where to go
the latency, fork in the road

not like the movies; katie perry
because i know you're
out there looking for me
it's a crazy idea that you're made for me, you see
just like the movies, that's how it should be
it'll be cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending--
one day my prince will come so i'll wait for that date,
until then we're making perfect shapes

it's not like the movies but that's how it should be
when he's the one and you'll come undone
and your world will stop--spinning..

hands; jewel
if i could tell the world just one thing it would be
that we're all okay, and not to worry cause worry is wastefula
and useless in times like these,
i won't be made useless, won't lay idle with despair
govern myself around my faith, as a light to the darkness most feared
my hands aren't strong i know but they're not yours they are my own

and they're not yours they are my own and i am ever broken
in the end, only kindness matters, in the end only kindness matters

*strip me, natasha bedingfield
every day i fight for all my future somethings
a thousand little awards i have to choose between
i could spend a lifetime chasing things that i don't need
but that's like chasing rainbows and coming home empty

so take what you want, steal my pride,
build me up or cut me down to size,
shut me out but i'll just scream
i'm one voice in a million but you ain't takin that from me
no you ain't takin that from me, you ain't takin that

i don't need a microphone to say what i've been thinkin'
my heart is a loudspeaker, that's always on eleven
natasha bedingfield; neon lights
(natalia, luke and guy song)
We got all the memories
So much more we can see
Better than our first kiss
Snow falling at Christmas
Like sleeping in on Sunday
Laughter we never faked
Bob Marley in Summer
One love for each other

And I'll wait for you
As long as it takes
Until I get through
And it hits you right in the face

our farewell, within temptation
never thought this day would come so soon
we had no time to say goodbye,
how can the world just carry on?
feel so lost without you by my side

there is nothing but silence now, around the one i loved..
is this our farewell?
sweet darling, you worry too much, my child,
see sadness in your eyes, you are not
alone in life..although you might think..that you are.


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