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[Hello Luceti! You might hear some frustrated murmurs of a girl who may or may not sound familiar before the screen opens up. Behind her are trees. You might notice that first—OR! The first thing you might notice is the bright gold/white wings on her back, or maybe it’s the twig she failed to find out of her curly golden hair, or maybe it’s the fact that her cat-green eyes look absolutely furious. She pauses, before she begins to speak, posture ramrod straight, lips pursed.]

I find myself in need of assistance, if you please. While I am not familiar with this sort of fontech, I know enough. To those that have successfully taken me away from my kingdom, listen very carefully.

[her lip curls slightly, a bit of that anger in her eyes slowly spreading to her otherwise regal tone of voice ]

I demand to know where I am, immediately. To those of you who are not involved in this ..this indecency [her cheeks color. This is wrong on so many levels. ] I request all the information you can offer me. [she raises her hand to try and reach back and touch what she knows is clearly a hurt back, but her shoulder lances with pain. What did her captors do to her? Dropping it at her side, she looks back at the screen, raising her chin. ]

You will be rewarded, I can promise you that. As for those of you who had the audacity to pull off this joke, take heed: [her voice rises]

How dare you carry out such a despicable act!.
Anyone who considers taking away Kimlasca-Lanvaldear’s Princess in broad daylight without her consent is considered from this point an enemy of both herself and His Majesty, King Ingobert the Sixth. You have taken me from my Castle and my people, and I cannot forgive such injustice.

Once I return to my Father’s side, and I will return, you will be found, you will be judged, and you will be punished according to your actions.

[with one more scathing glare, the Princess shuts off the feed]


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