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[You know that Princess? Named Natalia? The one who makes pretty loud challenges against Luceti? Yeah she's currently in the kitchen of House 1, glancing over a recipe book with a small smile on her face. She looks proud. ]

And to think I wouldn't have been able to make this ages ago. My! [she moves the screen to the recipe as if to say, 'look guys. look how accomplished i am'. before the screen blurs. there's a weird noise in the background along with the shattering of glass.

"What?! What is this?! What are yo--"

There's a scream and a loud thud. The screen has fallen on it's face on the ground. To anyone who comes to the kitchen, there is:

1. The window is shattered.
2. The cookbook has a ripped page.
3. There is glass all over the floor, and Natalia's arrows and quiver are all strewn out.

Natalia is nowhere to be seen.]
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[He knows that sound, that sudden surprising attack. He knows what it means, he knows that he can't do anything to stop it.

Damn them.]
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[Oh, boy, food! Mieu hears Natalia's voice in his little journal thing and he's really excited to listen.

Wait, what?]
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Natalia? Are you okay?

[He waits.]

Mieuuu...Natalia, what's wrong?
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[ not what you want to find in your kitchen.

There's nothing she can do, aside from pick up the glass and the arrows and try not to worry too hard.]
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[Regardless of knowing that there's nothing he can do, Luke still grabs his sword and rushes outside, heading to House 1. Damn them, not her...]