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[Natalia is looking quite eager as she walks out into the center of the village, set on helping New Feather's of course]

Oh My! So many of you...I need to get to work immediately.

[and Natalia will be starting to direct some people or checking her device so..feel free to troll a highly trollable princess whether actionwise or otherwise. h e h .]

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[Luke is close to where Natalia is! ... Although it's a slightly different Luke than Natalia might expect.

She had found herself right in the middle of the crowd, and she's letting out angry insults as well as apologies until she hears that voice.

That voice!]


[I-If she jumps high enough, she can see Natalia nearby! So, she'll be pushing through the crowd to get to her.]

Out of my way already, jeez! [BIG SIS SHE'S COMING HOLD OOOON]


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[She has the same tone as Luke, but definitely not the same sound, as it's much more feminine.

But Luke makes her way through, though she stumbles slightly thanks to squeezing past two people, yet still smiles at Natalia. Hey, look, they're the same height!]

Natalia. [She straightens slightly and glances around with a frown.] Do you know how we got here? [And, of course, she has no idea where this is. But then again, she's usually in a state of not knowing what anything is, so she'll just learn as she goes.]

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[Oh, he would love for you to ~get to work~ as soon as possible. ♥♥♥]

Son todas las mujeres aquí tan guapa como usted~? Are all the women here as beautiful as you, mi amor~?
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lo amas, no~?

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Claro que sí! My love is bold and brilliant, but you look like a woman who can handle its intensity~ [wink~]


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[One minute on the Astral Plane, next minute--not back in Auldrant? Huh. Well he's heard of world hopping. And he's inclined to think he must have accidentally except...]

Princess Natalia?
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[He smiles, suddenly, a wide, happy grin. He hasn't seen her in months. Everything's been so busy. Between rebuilding Auldrant and all the... Strangeness that comes from having access to the Astral Plane, he and Jade have stuck close to Peony lately.]

[So for a second he almost forgets this isn't Auldrant, and that this is probably another Experiment of the Machine's... Maybe like Anise and Yuri mentioned, that nameless City they were from?]

Natalia! Of course it's me. It's good to see you. [And he strides towards her, happy for a friendly face (and one he doesn't regularly want to punch, because as dearly as he regards Jade, the man is routinely infuriating).]

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[Oh someone giving directions FUCK YES MAYBE SHE CAN GET OUT OF HERE THEN.]

Oh, hey there! Were you saying you could give some directions?
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Well... to be honest, I'd like directions out of this place. I never thought I was directionally challenged, but I just can't seem to find my way out of here.

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datazombie: (/LOOMS)

I am so sorry.

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Aaaah? [Hope you don't mind a rather ....confused? Perhaps. A confused 'person' making funny noises at you, Natalia.

That's kind of all he can do with textchat broken. Was there an error in his data......?]
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Aaaah.... [Sorry he can't really answer. But that 'Aaaah' does sound painfully confused. You would be, too, if you could seem to access any of your proper functions. He couldn't even see the username of the PC in front of him.]

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[All that hard work isn't healthy for one so young. Come, dear princess, you must be famished. And this slice of cake waiting for you back at home looks positively divine, does it not?]
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because ilu

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[Oh, yes, this cake is especially for you, Natalia. There's even a fork laying so delicately next to the plate it was on. Waiting.]

what no no creying...

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/offers tissues

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Hey you. You know where a girl can exchange her Gald for whatever currency this place uses?
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Free, huh? And I suppose your money grows on trees here too.


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[...This isn't where Florian was before. And it doesn't look like Daath either. But look at all those wings! He kind of wants wings too. Maybe there's a play going on?

And oh, that face over there looks sort of familiar! Familiar faces are the best people to ask questions to.]

Hello. Do you know where I am?
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That's right, I'm Florian!

[He gives an almost proud little smile, as if he'd made up the name himself or something.]

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