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she could be a statue of liberty she could be a joan of arc


"Natalia, you truly are this Kingdom's Princess." -Tear Grants
The peasant-princess of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear is often mistaken for being a spoiled, arrogant bitch and the only thing that comes out of her mouth is 'Asch'. Both are entirely not true, although she certainly is spoiled,  but she is no bitch. She is certainly in love, but she is not obsessed. She has lost many things, and has suffered many things.

Nor is she truly arrogant. Natalia carries the traditions and expectations of royalty as she has been raised to do, to act with dignity, walk in grace, and smile even if you are clenching your teeth through the whole ride.

Her manners are impeccable, when she walks, it is more like she is gliding on air, she is a representation not just of herself, but of her kingdom. This sort of upbringing, this highest social standing, has led to a rather spoiled young lady, with a bit of naive outlook on the world. Not to mention it comes with it's bit of almost intimidating confidence and even arrogance, but to Natalia, this arrogance is not so much that as is it pride for her position, pride for her nation, and most importantly, her people. One thing that Natalia holds particularly dear, is promises. And how does this shape her? For one, her fiance, Luke (Asch), took her out of her castle, and led her through Kimlasca itself, showing her the real state of the world. Later in the game he tells her, "And then Baticul became your castle." She wistfully tells him that she remembers when he took her out of the castle for the first time, and explains that he helped her learn. They swore a sacred pact to change their country together and Natalia earnestly waited for the day for it to arrive. Promises and oaths are serious things, things that cannot be broken in her mind.

Another thing about Natalia is her gullibility. She is not so much ditzy as she is trusting and when someone tells her something, even something as ridiculous as Anise telling her that Van's power comes from his beard, she easily believes it. Mostly because it could stem from the fact that everyone is entitled to speak truth to her because she is a princess. This also adds to her being very curious. She is eager to learn and to discover new ways, not to mention she is deeply concerned in how to change and better her country. In one skit she discusses with Ion the situation on taxes in Daath, of all places, even during a serious situation, showing that even then she is constantly thinking of her people.

One of the biggest things about Natalia is she is highly emotional. She literally has her heart on her silk sleeve, and when she puts her mind into something she gives it. She isn't used to the horrors of the world, and when she sees it, she often is outraged, but most of all, intensely compassionate. She can easily be the one most prone to showing emotion, be it horror, shock or outrage, in comparision to the two female soldiers, Anise and Tear. Of course, Natalia is also bound by duty and protocol, not to mention manners, so when she is suffering herself, she politely excuses herself, or retreats into a shell. Since Natalia is so deeply emotional, it's very hard for her not to show what she's feeling ,  and if given a serious situation she can often freeze up in the moment paralyzed by her feelings. She certainly acts a lot on her heart instead of her head, and it can often fumble the party with the main objective. 

Which leads to another of her traits, which is surprising for a Princess. Natalia is highly repentant, and eager to right whatever wrongs or mistakes she might have committed. Throughout most of the game she just needs a little push to set her on the right track but in the end this trait is something she herself takes in stride. 



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