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"natalia. you're strong."

listen up, little one
we're already ahead of the game
hurry now make me proud,
i'm still finding the strength to say
say goodbye, there's no time
make it worth every minute and
never forget everyday

hey little girl you're on top of the world
you're all that i wanted to know
so never look back you're much stronger than that
and nobody knows where to go
when they come to a fork in the road

shout it out, make it loud
what's the best we could make of today?
wave goodbye, draw the line
cause it's worth every minute
you'll never forget everyday

going home and the world is so broken
now that there is no time
all the words left unspoken
i left them burning inside
we'll be fine

hey little girl you're on top of the world
you're all that i wanted to know
so never look back you're much stronger than that
and nobody knows where to go
when they come to a fork in the road

(please don't cry)
no one really knows where to go
(i'm on your side)
no one really knows where to go
going home
(wave goodbye)
no one really knows where to go
(you'll be alright)
when they come to  a fork in the road
"of course, if it is for the sake of my beloved kimlasca."
general info/permissions/

name/title:  Princess Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. Birth Name: Meryl Oakland
Height; 5'3 ? 
Princess of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and Representative of Kimlasca.
Weapons; Bow and Arrows.
Location: Abandoned Carter Estate, Splendor City.
4th Walling : Um, ask me first, okay? :)
Threadjacking: Usually okay, but please ask me first.
Backthreading: Yes please!
Location Sensing: Um, sure! Natalia really doesn't know where she is half the time.
Telepathy: Would freak her out :(
Special/Magical Items: Pretty sure it'd work on her. It's Namco after all.
Fighting Capabilities: Despite how fragile she looks, Natalia is a good far-ranged fighter. That's not to say she isn't a capable healer, both of which she boasts of mastery in both healing and archery. She's not familiar at all with hand to hand or physical, but give her a bow and arrows and there's little chance she'll miss a target.
Injury/Death: Why would you hurt her? :'( I mean, sure injury is fine but--no.She's gone through enough. ;;
Win/Lose/Tie: I'm okay with either. Just don't godmode. :)
Medical/Physical Info: Um, Natalia is a princess. But she is told she has the 'stamina of a farmhand' probably because her father has pretty lion-ish genes. She's healthy and constantly bouncing! If she heals over-much, then yes, she's weakened considerably, and yes, Natalia usually pushes herself when it comes to others.
Romance /Relationships: Oh wow. be put bluntly, probably not happening? Unless you have long red hair, and your name is Asch then yeah, not possible. Natalia just lost Asch, I doubt she's going to be recovering from her grief any time soon. :(  If you try to flirt inappropriately with her, she will totally slap you in the face.
Physical: Um, Natalia is a very polite person, and reserved to a degree as befitting of royalty, but she is extremely tenderhearted, to the point where a comforting hand to the shoulder, holding of the hand is not uncommon for her. She'd be a bit flustered by hugs from guys, but she isn't against them. This girl loves people, really loves them, despite how snooty she can be, so yes! Have at it. Adorable must be squished. :)
Natalia is triggered by words like 'duty' 'promise' or royalty. If she hears about royalty or someone's duties, it really intrigues her. Also Natalia made a promise to her fiance when she was young to change her country alongside hi, and her fiance was taken from her and replaced by a replica with the same name. Her fiance's name was Asch, who shortly after meeting her again, died before the final battle. Talk of love, special someone's or promises, really really will shake her up inside. She's only a few months after his death, so..yeah spare her anymore pain.

She is also triggered by adopted kids, since well, Natalia was  taken from her parents and replaced with the real stillborn princess, so she can relate to people in that aspect.

Also! Natalia is pretty gullible, she will believe your tall tales.

"Yep, His beard is the source of his power."
"My! What frightening beftting, of the Commandant of the Oracle Knights.."


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