Apr. 6th, 2012

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[Natalia is in House 1, looking like she's placing what appears to be arrows into a quiver and dressed not as formally. To be honest she looks a bit distressed, her brows furrow. With a little 'mph' she stops what she's doing and stares into the screen, both frustrated and concerned all at once.]

I suppose this is a moot thing to ask but is there anyone who has not entirely lost their wits about them? Anyone at all? People from Auldrant--those of you I've seen--[she looks pretty disturbed] --or wherever you claim to be from, if I am still someone you recognize, please respond. So I can know how to keep you away from people if need be..

To those that are still..'normal', can we not discuss the situation? I demand to know what has been done to those I care for. I find it very..--disturbing. And concerning, obviously. Mostly..very disturbing.

[she puts the quiver on her back and huffs, grabbing the fancy-looking bow on the table of the kitchen area, all but stomping out with her device in her other hand.]

Honestly, Luceti! I've no idea what to do with you in times like this!


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