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don't mourn what is gone greet the dawn;


Francesca Lia Block

[ childhood;]
Once upon a time there was a woman named Sylvia who was a handmaiden to the Queen of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, in the capital city of Baticul, the largest city in all of Auldrant. She was expecting a child soon, as was the Queen, and as she gave birth , the Queen gave birth to a stillborn princess. At thi time, Sylvia's mother was horrified since the Queen was already sickly, and in an act of desperation, took her daughter's child, born Meryl Oakland , she swapped the baby with the stillborn instead. 

This of course led Sylvia, who discovered it soon after that her precious baby was missing,  to commit suicide in Baticul port, where her body was found floating out in the river.  It was none other than her husband, Badaq,  Meryl's own father, that found his wife's body floating up towards the surface. And so Meryl lost unwittingly her true parents that day, because Badaq took on another name not soon after, and a completely different life.

And thus, Meryl became Natalia Luzu-Kimlasca-Lanvaldear,  crown princess of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and the only member of the royal family to have striking gold hair. Not soon after the Queen died of illness, and left the throne completely to the King, Ingobert the Sixth, who was immediately taken with his 'beloved Natalia'. In one of the bookshelves of his chambers within the game, he wrote in a private diary, the date of her birth.

"Natalia has only just started to stand but already her posture is not unlike my own. She carries herself with true royalty. I will do everything to bring Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to prosperity for the sake of my beloved daughter, Natalia." 

And so Natalia was brought up to be a perfect example of royalty. She learned her manners, and was raised in the way Kimlascan Nobility was supposed to be. For one day she would inherit the throne as future Queen, but not alone. A marriage was arranged between her and the husband of Ingobert's sister, Duke Crimson Herzog Fabre (Also known as the worst name ever. :( ) they also had a son the same age as herself-- Luke fon Fabre. Luke was also nobility, and with this arrangement he would be next in line to the throne alongside Natalia
--her perfect King. 

With her future all but assured, it was said that both Luke and Natalia were quite taken with one another, Natalia always wanted to follow Luke around, but she recalls in-game that 'Luke' always ran off to play with Guy. So of course some things she could not do with him, but it was obvious that both of them had strong affection for each other, even at so young an age.  So things were normal, her, the servant Guy Cecil, not much older than them, and Luke and Natalia.  Natalia adored Luke, and deeply admired him, and vice versa. 

Natalia even asks Luke to promise to marry her, throwing out her pinky finger for him to reply, but Luke tosses his head, and looks away, saying that pinky swears are stupid.
The details of it are blurry, but one of Natalia's most pivotal moments in her life, and what profoundly shaped her goals and perspective, were one such event where she and Luke stand on a hill overlooking Baticul. Suddenly, Luke begins to speak. 
"When we are grown up, let's change this country.
Change it so that no one has to be poor. Change it so that war never happens."

To which Natalia smilingly replies, "Let's change this country for the rest of our lives, together." 
After that, Luke reaches for her hand and the memory ends.  Both royals deeply loved their country even at that age, and their views on how to change it were similar. This in mind, it seemed the perfect match.

Until one day it was discovered that Luke had gone missing. They were simply told that he had been kidnapped by Malkuth forces, and so he all but vanished.  No doubt Natalia was heartbroken, but was holding to the promise that Luke would return, after all they would change their country together

And not soon after, Luke did return. But not the Luke Natalia knew. He was horrified, trembling and shaking in a blanket, and when she ran to him he looked at her as if she were a stranger. They said he lost his memories of the seven years they spent together, everything, even their promise--, how to speak, how to even walk--to which Natalia, already had stormed the maid's barrage to get to her fiance, turned, and promptly left to head back to the castle, where she threw herself onto her bed, weeping.

After she cried, she wiped her eyes, and looked up with determination on her face. She would help Luke, help him remember their time, not to mention their promise.  "It's a promise for love. " She said to herself, wiping her eyes on her sleeve.

During a time she hovered over Luke with books and lessons, stubbornly, with hands on her hips, demanding him to keep at it. To which he turned, glared her full in the face, and spat, "Annoying Natalia!" To which the Princess stared, florred, before her face lit up. "You said my name!" She cried, and with immense happiness, continued to inevitably boss the boy around up until the events of the game.


III [[start of the journey],
By this time, up at the events of the game, Natalia isn't really seen until the middle of the game. In the anime she meets up with the rather bratty seventeen year old Luke in his manor, simply to check on him. She tells him to remember their promise with a smile, before she walks off, dreamily saying how romantic it would be if it was the first thing he remembered.
By the time Luke and Tear return from their little adventure, Natalia is waiting for them in the Drawing Room, the first thing she does is storm up to Guy, who eventually met up with Luke, as his 'servant' and demand why she wasn't informed that he left to get Luke. He explains that servants like him can't meet in the castle, and she notes that he is hiding behind a pillar,  to which she demands why he is backing away. He tells her she knows why, that he is terrified of close proximity to women, to which Natalia declares, "When Luke and I are married you will be my servant as well. You'd best get used to it."  Then she tells Luke that Van was in jail and she leaves the party.

Tear notes how beautiful and elegant Natalia is, like a 'real princess' and the party continues on their way to Luke's Uncle, the King.Now up at this point Luke has grown up to be a pretty big douchebag, he treats everyone like crap, is spoiled and just plain rude. Not to mention his little adventure was the first time he's been out of the manor since his kidnapping seven years ago.  Eventually he heads to the castle, where King Ingobert and Natalia are seated on their thrones. Luke is told he is the 'Chosen One' meant to save the miner's city of Akzeriuth,  who is suffering from an infliction in the air caused by miasma a dangerous substance weakening the miners and causing the land to sink. Natalia describes the state of the residents, and after Luke is told what he must do as the 'Light of the Sacred Flame' (Luke's name in Ancient Ispanian), she turns to her Father and earnestly asks to go with Luke. She is quickly shot down by Ingobert, who says that they already discussed this the night before. Pouting, more or less, the Princess listens in silence, as Luke heads to the dungeons, she secretely follows. It is there she hears that Van is going to flee to Daath and asks Luke to come with him. Overhearing this tidbit she decides to use it as leverage.

Stubborn and full of conviction to aid those in need, the princess meets the group in the Abandoned Baticul Factory, that leads to a way out of the city without being seen by Van's renegade subordinates, the God Generals, whom want to cause a war between Kimlasca and the opposing Empire of Malkuth. As the group is walking in the dark, abandoned factory, Guy explains something to the group, where from behind them, Natalia comments, 'My, you certainly know alot about it, Guy." With a proud smile, the princess more or less forces her way into the party. 

"Two nations are about to make peace, this is no time for a princess to be sitting at home, " She says as a matter of factedly, and as Luke snaps at her, telling her not to come, she  threatens to tell them about 'You know what' and begins to explain when Luke forcefully pushes her back from the group, whispering how much did she hear.

She slyly says what she heard, and says she won't tell if he allows her to come. To which he asks her to pinky swear on it, holding out his pinky. Natalia looks honestly confused, bewildered, and says, "Pinky-swearing? I thought you hated that.." He stares at her wondering what she means, but somehow she locks pinkies with him anyway. It's as if he never remembered it in the first place.

As the party moves throughout the dungeon, Natalia demands that she is treated normally, to which she despite saying that is the one bossing the party around as the move forward. Luke chides her on walking too quickly to which she replies, "We must get there as quickly as possible to aid those who are suffering, am I wrong? " Guy agrees, but calls her 'Your Highness' and asks her to tread carefully. About so snap at him to call her Natalia, Jade cooly informs her that it's not right for them to cater to her needs and for now, she's cast aside her status as royalty. The princess looks fairly ashamed, and apologizes to the group.

So they continue until they are out of the Abandoned Factory. Turns out that Fon Master Ion, who Anise is in charge of guarding, has been kidnapped by the God-Generals. As they enter the exit in the pouring rain, they find that they've run right into one of  their landships, where they can see a man with long red hair leading Ion away flanked by guards. Luke charges ahead, demanding the man to return Ion.

It so happens that the man is none other than the God General Asch the Bloody, and as the two lock swords in the rain, the party, Luke included is stunned. The man has the exact same face as Luke. Horrified, Luke pulls back, stunned. The man named Asch is called back, returns Ion, and looks over the three girls in the party, before he spats, "Well aren't you the lady's man?" With that he leaves the party stunned. Natalia is bewildered, and says that Duke Fabre only had one son.

Akzeriuth and the Qliphoth
Clearly disturbed ove r the eerie similarities between Asch and Luke, the party resumes their trek with the Fon Master in hand,  to Deo Pass. Luke acts particularly selfish, proclaiming that he's the Ambassador and that gives him free reign over them all. Natalia scolds him, as they all do,and they camp, despite his eager desire to get to Akzeriuth as soon as possible, after all, 'MasterVan' his teacher, and said he would be a hero if he destroyed the miasma. 

Eventually they arrive at Akzeriuth. where the miasma is almost palpable, half the town has already begun sinking. People are lying in the streets, weak and dying from the miasma. Natalia immediately breaks off from the group, running to place her hand on a  sick citizen, asking if she is alright. Luke calls to her, "Hey, Natalia, get away from there. It's dirty. " The princess immediately shoots her head up, enraged by the comment. 

"Dirty? Who's dirty? Don't say such things!" And resumes trying to help. While the rest of the party flits around trying to do what they can, Luke is seen dragging around, wanting to do more important things. If he neutralizies the miasma, everyone will be saved, won't they? Eventually the group ventures into the mines where the miasma is, and the passage ring is. The deeper they go in, the more likely they are to become weakened or die from miasma. As they go to the deepest part, the group splits up to try and aid the clearly dying miners. Natalia is seen begging someone to hold on while Luke goes ahead. The deeper he goes in, Asch's voice echoes in his head. Prior to their arrival, Asch somehow is capable of communicating with Luke..even almost controlling him. He says it's due to their perfectly matching identical isofons. 

"Stop! Do you really want to destroy Akzeriuth? " He demands, and Luke protests that he's saving it. Van leads him to the Passage Ring and forces Ion to open the seals that seal it from use, and Luke destroys the pillar holding Akzeriuth with his hyperressonance. Van sneers, "At my words, you will open the passage ring: Foolish Replica Luke." And so the city collapses with the mud and miasma, the party saved by the landship, the Tartarus as they fall into a strange world that the fallen city landed into. 

The party only discovered it too late once Asch came to see them, he leads them to the passage ring, only to be taken away from Van by Arietta' the Wild's animals. The party has no such luck, and begins to fall.

Tear explains that they have landed in the Qlipoth and that it is the world beneath the Outer Lands which is upheld by the Sephiroth, that which held Akzeriuth up above the surface. As they speak of it, they notice a boy clinging to the debris floating on a sea of miasma and mud, begging to be saved. Natalia immediately rushes off to try and grab his hand, "Hold on, I'll save you!" she cries, only to be held back by Tear, saying she'll die if she falls in. In agony, the party watches as the boy sinks into the miasma, unable to help him..

Jade asks how this happened, how it was destroyed, and Tear turns to stare at Luke, and Natalia and the others follow suit. Luke destroyed the pillar. "It's not my fault, I was trying to--Master Van said, " He babbles feebly, and Natalia shakes her head, still stunned. "Thousands of lives lost in an instant.." She whispers, and the party say their respective things, Natalia walks towards him and says, "Since you lost your memories, it's like your a completely different person." She then leaves to go in the Tartarus. 

Luke is abandoned by everyone, only eventually does he enter where the party lands, Yulia City, a place secured by ancient technology in the Qlipoth, where the people serve as Watchers to look over the Score, the absolute will of Auldrant, and the foreteller of every soul's future. The party is up ahead, and Tear stays behind. It seems somehow Asch has also ended up in Yulia City, calling Luke a replica. He asks why and Asch seems completely full of bitterness at this point, " Why do you think you have my face? I'll tell you 'Luke'," And Tear begs him to stop, but Asch continues, "It's because you're my replica, a direct copy of me. I was a noble in Baticul kidnapped seven years ago by a villian named Van." 

Asch is the real Luke fon Fabre, the one who Natalia loved and made a promise with. He was kidnapped by Van and replicated, and when he tried to return to his home he was already replaced by Luke, who looked just like him. He left and took on the name Asch the Bloody, since his life had been stolen. 

Luke falls into a deep sleep and sees everything through Asch's eyes, who is now the one the player controls. If you walk him around Yulia City, Natalia, who eventually finds out who he is, she asks him tentativey, "Do you remember me?" Asch says nothing, and she looks away, smiling sadly. "Yes, I suppose that was a silly question, wasn't it.." So Natalia is finally reunited with Luke, but his name is no longer Luke.  


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